What is the Gathering?

The Gathering is a place of belonging.
The Gathering is a place of learning.
The Gathering is a place of celebration.
The Gathering is a place to share life.
The Gathering is a place for quiet reflection.
The Gathering is a place to elevate.

The Gathering is a place to BE and BECOME.

Restoring Life

The Gathering came about as a response to the isolation we all experienced due to COVID-19.

The Gathering is about restoring life 
— heart, soul, mind and strength.

We are made for community.
It’s part of who we are!

Quiet Reflection

The Gathering provides “Quiet Hours” for stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Whether it’s crawling up on one of our comfy sofas to read, or bringing your work or art and having ample work space to create and explore, our “Quiet Hours” provide a respite from the noise and stresses of life.


Since 2016, Pam has been certified as a Holy Yoga Instructor, and is continuing her studies in Spiritual Direction, Life Coaching and Leadership training. She is an active member of Gateway Community Church, and on the Be Leadership Team.

Passionate about sharing the love of God both one-on-one and in community, and using her gifts to elevate lives, she established The Gathering as a place to come together to elevate and celebrate, and to have a place of belonging to share both the joys and sorrows of life, helping one another and always holding on to hope!

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Pam Newberry